Gemstone Massage Roller - White Clear Quartz 白水晶


Oil Type

Instant tension relief & soul with a sanctuary of calm. The "Crystal Gems" are dedicated to relieving stress, easing anxiousness & strengthening energy.

Energy of Power 能量之力:

White Clear Quartz - A powerful stone to help quickly manifest intentions pertaining to wealth, prosperity and abundance, also benefits throughout the ages.

白水晶 - 迅速加強財富,繁榮和豐裕的意志,功效持久。


Design of roller pressure point stimulation - keep gently massage & press into tense areas, use as frequently as desired.

Adding with “Essential Oils” is the natural remedies for relaxation and evoking your sense of pleasure.

Essential Oil Selection 精油選擇:

Ginger Lime (薑檸),Jasmine (茉莉),Lavender(薰衣草),Lemon (檸檬),Lemongrass (檸檬草),Ocean (海洋),Rose (玫瑰),Sandalwood (檀香), Tea Tree (茶樹)