Gemstone Massage Roller - Amethyst 紫晶


Oil Type

Instant tension relief & soul with a sanctuary of calm. The "Crystal Gems" are dedicated to relieving stress, easing anxiousness & strengthening energy.

Energy of Power 

Amethyst - Natural stress relievers with healing properties that rid negative energy and encourage inner strength, wealth, and clarity of the mind. (紫晶 - 自然緩解,消除負面能量,激發內心力量,財富和頭腦清晰度)。


Design of roller pressure point stimulation - keep gently massage & press into tense areas, use as frequently as desired.

Adding with “Essential Oils” is the natural remedies for relaxation and evoking your sense of pleasure.

Essential Oil Selections

Ginger Lime (薑檸),Jasmine (茉莉),Lavender(薰衣草),Lemon (檸檬),Lemongrass (檸檬草),Ocean (海洋),Rose (玫瑰),Sandalwood (檀香), Tea Tree (茶樹)